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Fiction of the Absurd Prof. The loss of a life would have no significance — no affect on life as a whole; and the universe itself is apparently totally indifferent to everything. It was during this period that he Essay existentialism stranger published his first two literary works—Betwixt and Between, a collection of five short semi-autobiographical and philosophical pieces and Nuptials, a series of lyrical celebrations interspersed with political and philosophical reflections on North Africa and the Mediterranean.

Albert Camus (1913—1960)

Like an anthropologist, he records his observations with clinical detachment at the same time that he is warily observed by the community around him. Whether or not God exists is irrelevant because of free will. Doomed to eternal labor at his rock, fully conscious of the essential hopelessness of his plight, Sisyphus nevertheless pushes on.

In short, he bequeathed not just his words but also his actions. His thought is instead nearly always related to current events e.

The Stranger

This was a situation which had its inevitable tension and unrest as reflected in The Stranger. The episode is a bright illustration of how women were treated in Algeria at that time. He also studied Schopenhauer and Nietzsche—undoubtedly the two writers who did the most to set him on his own path of defiant pessimism and atheism.

It was written to show these general themes and is full with other motifs. As a young high school student, Camus studied the Bible, read and savored the Spanish mystics St.


Camus returned to France in and a year later began working for the clandestine newspaper Combat, the journalistic arm and voice of the French Resistance movement. Is he legally innocent of the murder he is charged with? Even his concept of the Absurd becomes multiplied by a social and economic world in which meaningless routines and mind-numbing repetitions predominate.

Soon afterwards, the prison chaplain insists on talking to him. During the long months of imprisonment, he slowly realizes that his former life was not empty.

After the successful completion of his bombing mission and subsequent arrest, Kalyayev welcomed his execution on similarly practical and purely political grounds, believing that his death would further the cause of revolution and social justice.

The significantly named Jean-Baptiste Clamence a voice in the wilderness calling for clemency and forgiveness is tortured by guilt in the wake of a seemingly casual incident. During the funeral procession, the heat of the sun causes Meursault far more pain than the thought of burying his mother.

Albert Camus and the Literature of Revolt. Hill and Wang, Yet, as he indicated in his acceptance speech at Stockholm, he considered his own career as still in mid-flight, with much yet to accomplish and even greater writing challenges ahead: He responded to the occasion with typical force and eloquence.

But Meursault is a stranger to himself and his surroundings.This anecdote, which surfaces in fictional form in the author’s novel The Stranger and is also recounted in his philosophical essay “Reflections on the Guillotine,” strongly affected Camus and influenced his lifelong opposition to the death penalty.

Essay on Racism and Sexism in Albert Camus’ The Stranger

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He is forced to experience the same day over and over again. At first, this is very troubling to him, but he eventually accepts his fate and begins to change his daily actions to become more charitable and helpful.

Existentialism in the stranger essay meursault Adela The All About Essay Example Galle Co Essay jesus meursault existentialism essay the stranger the new trophy wife essay about myself essay on save earth from global warming roxane gay essays. The Stranger This Essay The Stranger and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on In "The Stranger," as in Existentialism, Meursault's values are created by his own will rather than any innate human transcendental purpose.

To sum up, Albert Camus’ first novel The Stranger is devoted to the themes of social alienation, racism and sexism.

Examples of how Albert Camus 'The Stranger' is existentialism?

“Camus tells the story of a man who, without any heroic pretensions, agrees to die for the truth” (Lazere, 68).

Essay existentialism stranger
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