An outlook of the world of science in sinclair lewis classical arrowsmith

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In fact, the name was initially rejected because they thought drummer Joey Kramer got the name from the Sinclair novel. This book, Arrowsmith, was a Pulitzer Prize winner that was declined out of dislike.

Arrowsmith by Sinclair Lewis Essay

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Sinclair Lewis Novels Arrowsmith & Elmer Gantry

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Arrowsmith is a classic American novel written by Sinclair Lewis. Lewis wrote this book in the early s as a current outlook on the world of science in that time.

The main theme it focuses on is commercialism and its effect on science. Arrowsmith is a classic American novel written by Sinclair Lewis.

Lewis wrote this book in the early ’s as a current outlook on the world of science in that time.

An outlook of the world of science in sinclair lewis classical arrowsmith
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